Editing Examples

My Education Journey

Some examples of editing work I completed during my university studies

An edit I did for my BA in Creative Writing and Film and Television for my final assignment of my first year at Aberystwyth.

Edited and sound mixed entirely on Media Composer.

An edit I did of ‘Believe at SeaWorld’ for my Editing I course at Purdue University on the exchange year 2 of my course.

Edited entirely on Avid Media Composer.

Dissertation film that I made for my final year at Aberystwyth University. Made in partnership with Iveta Dimova.
Edited, colour graded, and sound mixed all on Avid Media Composer.
The film gained a first and received two awards at Aberystwyth University’s TFTS awards show.

A fun video, post-Aberystwyth picking all the shots of characters eating in Studio Ghibli movies to Weird Al Yankovic’s tune “Eat It”

Solent University MA project using rushes from Eva Ye’s The Ballerina, Her Shoemaker and His Apprentice. Edited in Media Composer, Colour graded in Resolve with titles in After Effects.