MA Editing Project

Editing, Colour grading and sound for Solent University MA project using rushes from Eva Ye’s The Ballerina, her shoemaker and his apprentice. Some insights into my editing process.

Selection of scenes from various takes

Putting clips into bins, annotating in script view, bringing sub-clips into the source monitor and setting in and out points

Ballerina screen grab

Putting the story together

I corresponded with Eva Ye to understand her vision for the film and her choice of ballet (Giselle) before making a final choice of scenes and their order, developing the story of the apprentice alongside the subtle love story of the shoemaker

Adding the sound effects

To give historical context to the piece I researched contemporary sounds such as newspaper calling and an old car engine.  In addition paying attention to areas such as panning sound i.e. for the cyclist in the opening shot

Avid Audio Screen Grab
Resolve screen grab

Colour Grading

The supplied footage had a yellow cast which I removed and then colour graded in Resolve matching the various clips. There was limited dynamic range because of compression of the stock clips

Building the Credits

I wanted credits that matched the style of the piece.  I chose a cursive font and then I built a custom animation, preferring this to the default text writer in After Effects in order to get the final result I was looking for.

Credits compostie image

The final result